Long drop / Large stairwell lights

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All large Stairwell Chandeliers can be bespoke to your size or design
Our Long Drop Stairwell Lighting Chandeliers are Modern and Contemporary for Large entrance halls and high ceiling staircases.
High CeilingĀ  Barn Conversions. High ceiling lights and lighting for large entrance halls.
Lights for double height ceilings, barn conversion.

We have over 25 Large stairwell chandeliers on display in our showroom.
Our showroom is based in Leigh on Sea Essex. If you are planning to visit us to view a certain chandelier please call first to make sure we still have the fitting on display.

The showroom is open every day apart from Wednesday and Sunday, however if the above are the only days you can visit then we will open for you on the day you request.

  • 018 Random

    £2,300.00£3,924.00 exc VAT
  • 018 With Gold Canopy

    £2,300.00£3,799.00 exc VAT
  • Arabella

    £3,900.00 exc VAT
  • CH1811 Crystal Glass Stairwell Chandelier

    £2,800.00£5,500.00 exc VAT
  • Crystal Rock

    £2,125.00£3,375.00 exc VAT
  • Long Snowdrop Chandelier

    £2,850.00£6,900.00 exc VAT
  • Mondena Glass Chandelier

    £2,900.00£4,300.00 exc VAT
  • Orta Stairwell Available in Gold Chrome or Black Frame

    £2,450.00£5,900.00 exc VAT
  • Stepped Orta Glass Chandelier

    £2,850.00£6,500.00 exc VAT
  • Tenno Glass Chandelier

    £2,350.00£3,400.00 exc VAT

    £7,995.00 exc VAT
  • Air-bubble (On Display In Our Showroom)

    £1,195.00£2,995.00 exc VAT
  • Sovana Chandelier

    £5,850.00 exc VAT
  • Air Bubble Rectangle

    £2,995.00 exc VAT
  • White Glass Twist Stairwell Chandelier

    £5,700.00 exc VAT
  • Chandelier Pavia (On Display In Our Showroom)

    £2,500.00£3,800.00 exc VAT
  • Sandy Glass Chandelier (On Display In Our Showroom)

    £2,200.00 exc VAT
  • Chandelier Fia (on display in our showroom)

    £125.00£3,300.00 exc VAT
  • 018 Crystal Stairwell (On Display In Our Showroom)

    £1,595.00£3,924.00 exc VAT
  • Orta Stairwell Chandelier (On Display In Our Showroom)

    £2,450.00£5,900.00 exc VAT